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Australia - New Zealand (Part 2): Christchurch to Lake Wanaka

Day 2: To Christchurch

Us  with luggages
Landed .. The security checked was smooth and the staff were friend ly.. Alhamdulillah. If comparing OZ and NZ on security check. NZ is more kids friendly. :)

Ameera, while waiting for our campervan.

We took Apollo 6 berth. Tips: please check everything properly during before signing. For peace of  mind, take full insurance. If you are with kids, please check the car seat and baby seat properly. Make sure your kids can seat there comfortable.  It can be a major disaster if it's not!

We paid NZD 940 (inclusive insurance) for 9 days - It early spring season so the rate is lower than summer. Different seasons, different rate. They applied supply and demand concept :)
At the campsite : Top 10 holiday park 39 Meadow Street,Papanui. Nampak tak duck tu.. boleh terbang! haha.

We applied 10 top holiday park membership from Malaysia and get 10% discount. There are other advantages as well. Refer to this link : Price is 49NZD. Actually there is another alternative : KIWI holiday park members. but after look into details/review, we choose this one. 

Later, I'll make a separate entry on campervan only. InsyaAllah. If you must know, price using car is much cheaper but the fuel is pricey compare to campervan. campervan is using diesel.
Kids had a good time. They had a supercool playground as well. There was super big giant balloon that you can jump on it! I wish Malaysia can have that as well. Outdoor games are so nice and different. It's good for the kids brain. mak ayah nye pun ok :). Make sure choose a pit stop with a playground. It helps! a lot! almost all top10 holiday park have a supercool playground. Nice right? :D

Forgot to mention, At night we went to 'countdown' to buy some groceries! for halal chicken. please look for brand turk. sausages pun ada. we bought some fruits, roti etc.. beras boleh beli kat sana je. tak mahal mana pun :) So, save the hassle on luggage. The next day, we went straight to Lake Wanaka.

3rd Day : To lake Wanaka

Our route : Christchurch-Lake Tekapo -Lake Pukaki -Lake Ruataniwha(Mt Cook)/Salmon - Twizel - Wanaka (Hours with all the stops? depart at 10am and reached Wanaka at 8pm.)

one of the supercool playground on the way to Lake Tekapo

Bila orang dewasa menjadi Kanak-kanak!

The first view! Muka terharu kan? Apesalla Mr N share gambar ni je dlm google+ die.. hehehe.. so we made a quick stop after saw the snow mountain

Dah sampai Lake tekapo. it's a small church with nice view behind.

nah belanje satu lagi gambar Lake tekapo! cantikkan! SubhanaAllah. nak dapat pahala cakap subhanaALlah selalu ye.  This is  a place to do stargazing and aurora watching..but aurora watching ikut nasib tau.. 

Our next stop at :
HIgh country Salmon. To all salmon lovers!? Please stop.. sedap giler.. so freshhh and juicy! Kat sini boleh tengok salmon, feed them for free! nice view, nice whether.. can see mt cook from here, best kan. very relaxing..

And yes! we bought a salmon, the whole salmon weighted around 3kg! hahaha.. ni la rupa beso ikannya!If I not mistaken, it cost us 49nzd. 

kene siang dan bersihkan sendiri.. Kalau beli fillet pun boleh tapi lagi mahal! This one we cooked 3 times! lupe nak bagitahu. ada fridge dalam campervan ye . 

ni la hasilnya.. TADA!! salmon soup. sambal ikan bilis! and nasi and kicap kipas udang!  Purposely besarkan gambar ni . hehhehehehehe

So thats sum up all for 2nd day..Once arrived at Lake wanaka terus masak etc.. Basically we stopped several time. You can just park your campervan anywhere for non-city area as long as you dont block the road and others can pass by. The view are superb! We mostly stop for coffee, pictures and toilet break . Kami memang hantu kopi! driving a campervan is not difficult at all. My sister yang 20 yrs pun boleh drive. Mind you driving in town, the speed limit is 50km/hr. Its applied for other cars as well. For non-city the speed limit is 100km/hr. The Policeman are everywhere. They're quite strict. Kalau kene saman, bayar on the spot ye. :) Nangis! Alhamdulillah. we dont receive any. Satu lagi, kat sini kalau kite drive slow, please stop and give way. One thing that I observed, people there are very considerate.. extremely nice! So be friendly, you may make new friends along the way :)

Suhu malam tu.. -2 Degrees. But,we slept soundly inside the blanket. Its warm inside and very cool from the outside. We overnight at Lake diamond next to lake Wanaka. Tidur berjirankan snow mountain and beautiful lake.  Alhamdulillah. 

Info for campers: 
Our options that night:
1)Diamond Lake (Wanaka) - Free Overnight ,1x toilet. 
2) Albert Town Camping Ground - nzd 6/pp

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