Wednesday, July 30, 2008

on my 4th months.

semalam pergi check-up. my weight naik 2.5 kg from my last check up. he he.. banyak kan? doctor kata kalau berat naik banyak lagi, next check kene check for diebetes.. adoilah. kene amek darah...malas jugak rasanya. dengan kata lain, die suh aku diet kot.. so untuk tak menghampakan , my hubby tryla browse2,carik kalau ada info pasal pregnancy diet and turns out ada satu website nih kata. no diet for pregnancy lady.. hahaha.. whats that.. ??? ...hehe baik ikut yg ni dari ckp doktor kan? so my EDD should be 12.1.2009. beza umur should be dalam 3 tahun. tapi.. wow beza tahun persekolahan ngan athirah die 4 tahun.. termenung sekejap. tak plan sampai beza camtu sekali..tapi, apakan daya. kita hanya merancang.. Allah jua yang menentukan.

Dipendekkan cerita, disebabkan kata-kata doktor, insaf la sekejap. nak diet/kurangkan mkn. so before keluar rumah dah makan roti, and minum susu... tapi apakan daya.. at 9.30 am,saya da tak boleh buat kerja sebab lapa. nasib baik kak aya offer spegeti eggs. sedap lah!! taktahu lah sbb saya lapa ke ape tapi abes lah mkn.. hehe thanks kak aya! lain kali bwk la ruin my so call diet.. hehehe..

oklah.. today's baskin robin day.. jgn lupe kawan2.. 31% diskaun. I want praline and cream..!! sedapnyee...

oh teringat plak, smlm masa balik dari check up, athirah call.. die jerit2 ckp... "I'm coming Ibu.. I'm coming.. (repeatxxxx)". wah mane die belajar.. ada la tu kot, tv pendidikan mane2 tapi rasanya die belum boleh apply betul2 lagi.. tak kene sangat penggunaannya tu.. but anyway, I know she's getting there..:) my darln'.. I'm very proud of you :D.. yes, I do and I love you soo much!! and yes I love her dadddy too..:)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A great trip to Bali

Day 1

Last Friday until Monday, we (me, my other half and my cute little darling Athirah) went to Bali. It was a sweet, sour, nice and sometimes a bit tiring 4 days, 3 nights trip. Most of my friends that knew about my trip kept teasing me saying it was a honeymoon. But, for me it was more like a run away from a day-to-day activity and spends more quality time with my love ones. I think it was a honeymoon for our darlin’ Athirah since she had a straight full 4 days with her parents entertaining her wishes and commands (and of course sometimes we did ignore her requests. ^_^.).

Friday morning, my officemate sent us to ERL Putrajaya. (Thanks! You know who you are). It was the first experience for Athirah with the train. She did actually called ERL train as lorry as it moves so fast and doesn’t have a sound like Blue Thomas. “tutttt tuttttt”. He he. We did try to correct her but she keep on saying lorry.. lorry… loryy… “_”

Arriving at KLIA, we took a bus to LCCT and catch our Airasia flight to Ngurah Rai, Bali. We reached there around 1.30 noon and we went straight to Ramayana Hotel, Kuta. We were so tired and had our rest. The hotel was nice. I believe it was 5-6 stars hotel. The only minus point (I would say) here is they had too much of this ‘patung’ even in our room. Well, what do you expect? It’s Bali and the hotel name explained everything!. Athirah kept saying bye-bye to all the ‘patung’ whenever we went out.

Evening in Kuta, Bali was quite nice and happening. It was more or less like Patong (in Phuket) but for me, it’s better here. Maybe the condition is different at Legian beach (they said worst, in terms of the social level there) which we didn’t manage to reach as we don’t have enough time to go there. We strolled along Kuta beach until we reach Hard Rock hotel and took some pictures. The beach was clean and apparently, the government made some campaign for all local people to take care of the cleanliness of the city. It was a good effort I must say. It was really clean. There were 2 rubbish bins provided at each of the pit stop labeled as organic and non-organic. Nice huh?

At night, we had our dinner at “Rumah Bandung” somewhere in Kuta town. Our tour guide brought us there. We were so hungry and the food was marvelous -the kind of food that we could falled into easily. Crispy garupa(kerapu), nice sambal, pecal, and some soup. The place was nice too! Back to hotel, we perform our prayer and slept.

Day 2

After we had our breakfast at the hotel, we’re ready for our tour. The tour cost us RP 500,000 (around RM 180). We went to batik house, silver shop, lunch at Kintamani, padi-terrace in Tegallalang, some other shops, Ubud, Tanah Lot and finally to Djimbaran (for dinner). It was a wonderful experience especially at Kintamani where we’re able to see the volcanic mountain (Mt Batur). The view was amazing and the weather was chilly (kinda like Cameron Highland). We had our lunch and enjoyed the perfect view of the mountain. Tanah Lot is also one of the best places to visit for its breathtaking view. Alhamdulillah. It was sunset. I’ll let the picture do the talking. ^_^ And finally we had our dinner at Jimbaran. It was a nice dinner but a bit pricey!! … It cost us another RP 521,000. (for 4 persons). Untuk mat salleh tu murah kot.. siap order lobster bagai.. hehe.. we ordered 1kg of prawn, 1kg of cuttlefish and ikan merah bakar.

Day 3

Morning: My hubby went for foot massage somewhere around Kuta town. I just waited for him in the hotel room with Athirah. Around 12 noon, we went to Denpasar for shopping. It cost us RP 50,000 for the taxi. We shopped for some kain sarung, kebaya sulam, telekung for our mums. It’s very cheap. I can get Telekung sutera for RM 70. murah kan?? We performed zohor and asar prayer (jamak) at a Masjid at Denpasar. We had our lunch at a small restaurant nearby and it cost us RP 21,000 (RM 8) for the 3 of us. Uishh lagi la murah?!!! . But of course the cleanliness was questionable. Sebab da lapa sangat, baca bismillah dan tawakkal je lah. ^_^. We went back to our hotel. I had my body massage hrs after that and we had our dinner at Mc’d :D

Day 4

After looking into our souvenirs and all the items that we’ve bought earlier, we decided to go back to Denpasar to buy more souvenirs. After we had our breakfast, we headed to Denpasar at 10 am. We bought more souvenirs and headed back to the hotel afterwards. On the way back, we had a bad experience with the taxi. We were dropped just outside Kuta town border. According to the driver, he’s not able to enter the city due to problems with the law etc. The bad side is that we’ve already paid the fees in full. On the way, he asked us to pay upfront by stopping at the gas station to fill-in his tank. Luckily, another taxi came by and we were able to get back to the hotel. Here, we wasted RP 10,000 (RM 3.50) but anyway this is some experience. We checked out at 12 noon and headed to the airport. We touch down at Malaysia around 5.30 pm and arrived safely at home at 6.30 pm. Alhamdulillah. All happy and healthy. Thanks Abang for this amazing trip. I really recommend Bali to others !! Pegi la.. best best.. kalau ada peluang memang nak pegi lagi… tapi rugi la kan. Baik pegi tempat lain. Tapi kalau free. Tentu saja saya mahu pergi lagi…:D

At night we went to Pasar malam to buy our dinner. We left Athirah at her cousin house so that she can play. When headed to pasar malam, my hubby said.. “ baru la berpeluang jalan berdua… setelah 4 hari berlalu… “ hahahhaha.. ape nak buat.. :D.. …Lain kali pegi, bawa assistant la. Baru ada peluang jalan dua org kan. :D

At Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot

Breakfast at Ramayana Hotel, Kuta, Bali

Seafood at Djimbaran

In front of Hardrock Hotel, Kuta

Lunch at Kintamani, Volcanic Mountain

Padi Terrece

Coffee tester

Sunset at Tanah LotSemayang ngan Ayah.