Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cornetto Love

Last weekend, we went to One Utama. Athirah had her cornnetto ice-cream. She ate that ice-cream until the last drop.

When the it was almost over, only half cone left without ice-cream on it. Suddenly, the cone dropped on the floor . My hubby said

“Its dirty!! Tak payah ambil lagi… “

Looking frustrated, She thought for while, hesitated.. picked it up…. Belek-belek.. And put it back on her mouth. It was so quick, Unable to stop her.
While crunching the cone for a while,she said… “Hmmm.. tade la ayah.. okey je ni …”


Moral of the story. From now on, we know that she wont easily believe on what we says.. she’ll analyse it herself.. good... but bahaya jugak ni. La la..