Thursday, August 27, 2009

BP2010 $$$

I started my day with numbers. Today, I'm going to complete BP2010 for my division, just for the initiative part. The overall will be submitted next week.Its been my 4th years with budget controller thingy. It was promised for 2 years and now already dragged for 4 years. Its very time consuming and yet he sees this is something that can be done overnight. Wuargghh.. Hopefully, I can finish it all before duedate. Amin... ops with the help of unchanging format. Please ayu... please.. no more changes please... lalala...

By the way... How to stay F O C U S ??

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ramadhan Oh Ramadhan

To share, during yesterday berbuka, I cooked Sambal Goreng & Udang masak lemak cili padi with kacang buncis and Tempoyak… It turns out very nice. I wish I could share a picture here but I’m too lazy to go get the big camera upstairs while the food is already there to be eaten. That’s why I need a new camera. ^_^

I wish for a small camera, which able to fit in my bag where I can get it easily whenever I required. Suggest me any, with price less than RM 500 maybe? By the way, pictures below are just display. I just get from googling to other friends page. MY udang is with buncis.. yes yes.. and tempoyak, so the yellow colour is darker.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Ramadhan Al-mubarakh

Plse note that this was written 3 days before ramadhan:
Ramadhan is nearer. I Hope I’m going to do better this year. Frankly, my amalan will be more better when I’m pregnant because the thought of a baby in my worm will be lots more comfortable by listening to quran recites. The momentum is already there from the beginning. Currently, I read quran 1 page daily and skip that whenever iman or athirah need something from me. Excuses!! Excuses!!

Aren’t these supposed to be like a test to my iman/amalan? Other people face lots more bigger test than this. Like people in Palestine, mother lost her children/husband or people had an accident. How to solve this? Hey I know….. I should be pregnant every time the Ramadan comes in. hehehehe..

Hopefully, our Ramadan journey will be better this year. InsyaAllah.
Here’s my list:

1. I read quran everyday, to qhatam by the end of ramadhan.
2. Do tarawikh/ Tahajud
3. Calming. ^_^

Happy Ramadhan everyone. Forgive me for all the mistake I made. May this al-mubarakh be one we benefit fully from and give us a great increase in Iman (faith).