Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How do you show love for your child?

Interesting article from the web. I'm not sure the link but I really think that it will benefits you. InsyAllah.

As a parent, you no doubt can come up with plenty of answers on your own. You make a special lunch, read a favorite bedtime story, take off work when your child is sick and so on.

Take a minute to see how your answers match up with the list below of American Academy of Pediatrics' top 10 ways to show love for a child.

Remember, happiness is key to a child's health.

  1. Before your child is born, don't take drugs and alcohol and don't smoke tobacco. * so far Alhamdulillah
  2. Set aside time for reading to your children, even as babies. They love the sound of your voice, and children of all ages benefit from a love of reading. * I do this almost everyday
  3. Talk with your pediatrician to make sure your child's health records are up-to-date and all vaccinations are done. Keep a copy of health records at home. * I hope I have it but so far , we keep track on the compulsory vaccinations.
  4. Check your home for possible dangers and remove them. Be sure medicines, cleaning supplies, sharp objects and other potential hazards are locked up and out of reach. Keep small objects away from children 3 years old and younger to prevent choking. Ask local officials if your home or water supply should be tested for lead. * We do this as and when we realise it as danger.
  5. Provide safe transportation. Put infants and children younger than 12 in the back seat of the car, not the front seat, particularly if there is an air bag. Be sure your child's safety seat is installed properly and that it is appropriate for height and weight. Insist that your child buckles up just like you. * Its very hard to do this but we are trying .. really
  6. Observe carefully and ask questions of your child's caregivers to be sure the care setting is safe (including transportation), healthy and developmentally appropriate. Make a note to get involved in community efforts promoting child safety. * Ok
  7. Use plenty of positive words. Encourage your child with phrases such as "You can do it!" and "You're such a big boy!" Nurture self-esteem and self-confidence by praising a job well-done and show interest in what your child is saying. * Always
  8. Each day, renew your efforts to monitor your child's activities and provide structure to the day. Limit the kind and amount of television your child watches. Have meals at predictable times, and insist on a regular bedtime and homework time. To help your child learn to respect the body, set aside time to join your child in a physical activity and offset gifts of candy with healthy treats. * we are trying our best, we are not perfect really. right now, we are trying to bring her to playground every evening when whether permit of course .
  9. Make an extra effort to set a good example at home and in public with words like "I'm sorry," "please," and "thank you." When you become frustrated and angry with your child, avoid name-calling or hurtful words. Avoid unwanted tension by giving young children as much extra time as you can for transitions. * we do this ,alhamdulilah. tapi kadang2 lupa jugak :)
  10. Give your child a hug. Or a cuddle, pat or whatever gesture of affection your child favors. Try this when your child is angry, argumentative or in a bad mood. And don't forget to say, "I love you. * masa dia tengah marah belum pernah buat lagi la.. he he. x layan lagi ade.. he he.. we do this as and when lah ...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Aidiladha 2008

Alhamdulillah, today's friday. tomorrow, will be saturday and yeayy.. its mean another weekend :). I love weekend. By the way, who doesnt? ...... *sigh

and InsyaAllah, we'll meet another Aidiladha on Monday. Kami telah merancang untuk berhari raya di rumah mertua kali ini. Kalau ikut turutan sepatutnya, tahun ini aidiladha di rumah saya. Tapi memandangkan parents in law kedua-duanya mengerjakan haji dan teringatkan pesanan FIL untuk tengok2 kan rumah & adik2 rasa guilty pula kalau tak balik. So, InsyaAllah. kalau tiada aral, kami akan beraya di Ijok. huhu. Walaupun hati nak balik ke Lubok China memandangkan ada event besar di kg belah saya iaitu FAMILY DAY.. Lalala.. It will be happening and it's an event that my makcik2 together with my mother cook, some show from the kids, makan2 (e.g ikan bakar etc etc) and lain-lain lagi. tapelah, tengok gambar pun jadi lah :P.

Now, I'm on my 34 weeks. another 6 weeks more to go to complete my 40 weeks cycle. If this 2nd baby follow Kak Long athirah, Then Im going to have to wait until the cycle complete lah .: ) Whatever it is, I pray and hope every turns out ok. Hopefully, no pain or complication that I cant handle. Pray for me ya, Amin..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kita Pilih bos ke? Bos pilih kita...

It starts when a friend of mine suddenly stresses at the office today. Out of nowhere , she informed me that she wants to change unit. I wonder why but after a few ‘ korek session’, I finally know that It was because she was stressed with her bos.

Sound familiar?. Actually, It happens everywhere in any organization. Sometimes, we get a good one and sometimes we get a bad one. There is a cases where the bos doesn’t know how to the work but keep on giving order without any guide and expect the job to be tip top. And funny part, even they don’t know what kind the standard they want until they get the feedback from the higher bosses saying that the job was not up to their expectation. At the end of the day, they will finger point it back to their staff who do their dirty job and put all the blame on her/him. When that job get a good remarks, they are the one who get all the recognition and none of it being passes to the staff. Kesian .. he he

I know not all bosses like that because I meet some bosses who do have certain criteria that make them a good bos. I hope I can be like them one day. InsyaAllah. (^_^). We cant get lucky everytime right? and I believe what we can do now is we need to do the task given at our very best level and do it Lillahi Taala so that it can be ibadah for us. The rest, left it to Allah to decide. and heyyy.. do learn along your way to the top :)

p/s: In my office, ada bos yang tak pernah tahu pun apa kerja dia. tapi dia dapat naik sebab die good in PR. yang teruk staff lah. tapi yang rugi organisasi tu sendiri. but, when it comes to 'moderation/performance evaluation' siapa-siapa yang pernah menunjukkan rasa tak puas hati memang confirm dapat performance teruk (dah masuk dalam blacklist die). Imagine, customer hantar email pada die , suruh staff yang jawab .. dan main forward je pada customer without baca. hish senang betul kerja die. lagi best, boleh tidur masa meeting dengan customer.. waa. malunya..

[ hehe. tapi bukan bos saya.. bos kawan saya.. :) ]

Friday, November 21, 2008

Saman Traffic

Saya baru kene saman traffic sebab berckp telefon ketika driving.. perasaan : sangat stress!!!..
berape ek kene kalau saman begini??..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My darling 1st video conference.

They had fun! Athirah 1st video conference with Aishah...Kesian Aishah demam... . Get well soon Ok. Jgn lupe mkn ubat yang mama kasitu....
She's showing her cookie2...
and closer look..........

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday.

I hope it's not that late to blog about it. Sebenarnya dah tulis separuh tapi ntah kenapa rasa nak delete dan nak tulis yang baru. mungkin juga pengaruh persekitaran atau apa saja yang dapat mempengaruhi mood saya sekarang ni. :). Baru je balik dari rumah mak dan baru je lps chat dengan mun.. err phone chat tru yahoo msgr. lama kan mun. tak perlu bayar apa-apa. I loooOoove yahoo msgr.. :)

Last night, ada jugak birthday celebration for us. mak n dekda beli kek.. Thanks da n mak. Thanks everyone :).. It was so sweet.. and I believe that was the last birthday cake for this yr. Altogether we had hm.. I believe 3 cakes. :). Forgot to mention, my birthday and hubby just next to each other. hubby on 4th and me on 5th. Nampak2nya. saya takkan tahu yang hubby lupa my birthday except if saya yang lupa dulu lah. :).

Happy 28th birthday to us Honey.

1st cake was from my SIL, kekna... thankss :)

2nd cake from my hubby... :)

and last one as from my mum and sister.

p/s: Kalau perasan, Athirah la yang paling excited. kami nak pegang pisau pun susah. I think in our age , kids enjoy more.. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

(Sambuang Entry... haritu nak upload gambar fail... )
Anak saya rajin tolong saya buat ketupat.. err karipap... :P.. cuba lihat, matanya memandang ke arah tv tapi tangan nya tetap menguli.. tapi kerana minat tu yang cuba digalakkan , walaupun ibu telah mengatakan NO beberapa kali tapi semestinye arahan itu tidak dihiraukan..
dan lihatlah hasilnya.. TADAAAAA.... kalian percaya tak??

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

on my 4th months.

semalam pergi check-up. my weight naik 2.5 kg from my last check up. he he.. banyak kan? doctor kata kalau berat naik banyak lagi, next check kene check for diebetes.. adoilah. kene amek darah...malas jugak rasanya. dengan kata lain, die suh aku diet kot.. so untuk tak menghampakan , my hubby tryla browse2,carik kalau ada info pasal pregnancy diet and turns out ada satu website nih kata. no diet for pregnancy lady.. hahaha.. whats that.. ??? ...hehe baik ikut yg ni dari ckp doktor kan? so my EDD should be 12.1.2009. beza umur should be dalam 3 tahun. tapi.. wow beza tahun persekolahan ngan athirah die 4 tahun.. termenung sekejap. tak plan sampai beza camtu sekali..tapi, apakan daya. kita hanya merancang.. Allah jua yang menentukan.

Dipendekkan cerita, disebabkan kata-kata doktor, insaf la sekejap. nak diet/kurangkan mkn. so before keluar rumah dah makan roti, and minum susu... tapi apakan daya.. at 9.30 am,saya da tak boleh buat kerja sebab lapa. nasib baik kak aya offer spegeti eggs. sedap lah!! taktahu lah sbb saya lapa ke ape tapi abes lah mkn.. hehe thanks kak aya! lain kali bwk la ruin my so call diet.. hehehe..

oklah.. today's baskin robin day.. jgn lupe kawan2.. 31% diskaun. I want praline and cream..!! sedapnyee...

oh teringat plak, smlm masa balik dari check up, athirah call.. die jerit2 ckp... "I'm coming Ibu.. I'm coming.. (repeatxxxx)". wah mane die belajar.. ada la tu kot, tv pendidikan mane2 tapi rasanya die belum boleh apply betul2 lagi.. tak kene sangat penggunaannya tu.. but anyway, I know she's getting there..:) my darln'.. I'm very proud of you :D.. yes, I do and I love you soo much!! and yes I love her dadddy too..:)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A great trip to Bali

Day 1

Last Friday until Monday, we (me, my other half and my cute little darling Athirah) went to Bali. It was a sweet, sour, nice and sometimes a bit tiring 4 days, 3 nights trip. Most of my friends that knew about my trip kept teasing me saying it was a honeymoon. But, for me it was more like a run away from a day-to-day activity and spends more quality time with my love ones. I think it was a honeymoon for our darlin’ Athirah since she had a straight full 4 days with her parents entertaining her wishes and commands (and of course sometimes we did ignore her requests. ^_^.).

Friday morning, my officemate sent us to ERL Putrajaya. (Thanks! You know who you are). It was the first experience for Athirah with the train. She did actually called ERL train as lorry as it moves so fast and doesn’t have a sound like Blue Thomas. “tutttt tuttttt”. He he. We did try to correct her but she keep on saying lorry.. lorry… loryy… “_”

Arriving at KLIA, we took a bus to LCCT and catch our Airasia flight to Ngurah Rai, Bali. We reached there around 1.30 noon and we went straight to Ramayana Hotel, Kuta. We were so tired and had our rest. The hotel was nice. I believe it was 5-6 stars hotel. The only minus point (I would say) here is they had too much of this ‘patung’ even in our room. Well, what do you expect? It’s Bali and the hotel name explained everything!. Athirah kept saying bye-bye to all the ‘patung’ whenever we went out.

Evening in Kuta, Bali was quite nice and happening. It was more or less like Patong (in Phuket) but for me, it’s better here. Maybe the condition is different at Legian beach (they said worst, in terms of the social level there) which we didn’t manage to reach as we don’t have enough time to go there. We strolled along Kuta beach until we reach Hard Rock hotel and took some pictures. The beach was clean and apparently, the government made some campaign for all local people to take care of the cleanliness of the city. It was a good effort I must say. It was really clean. There were 2 rubbish bins provided at each of the pit stop labeled as organic and non-organic. Nice huh?

At night, we had our dinner at “Rumah Bandung” somewhere in Kuta town. Our tour guide brought us there. We were so hungry and the food was marvelous -the kind of food that we could falled into easily. Crispy garupa(kerapu), nice sambal, pecal, and some soup. The place was nice too! Back to hotel, we perform our prayer and slept.

Day 2

After we had our breakfast at the hotel, we’re ready for our tour. The tour cost us RP 500,000 (around RM 180). We went to batik house, silver shop, lunch at Kintamani, padi-terrace in Tegallalang, some other shops, Ubud, Tanah Lot and finally to Djimbaran (for dinner). It was a wonderful experience especially at Kintamani where we’re able to see the volcanic mountain (Mt Batur). The view was amazing and the weather was chilly (kinda like Cameron Highland). We had our lunch and enjoyed the perfect view of the mountain. Tanah Lot is also one of the best places to visit for its breathtaking view. Alhamdulillah. It was sunset. I’ll let the picture do the talking. ^_^ And finally we had our dinner at Jimbaran. It was a nice dinner but a bit pricey!! … It cost us another RP 521,000. (for 4 persons). Untuk mat salleh tu murah kot.. siap order lobster bagai.. hehe.. we ordered 1kg of prawn, 1kg of cuttlefish and ikan merah bakar.

Day 3

Morning: My hubby went for foot massage somewhere around Kuta town. I just waited for him in the hotel room with Athirah. Around 12 noon, we went to Denpasar for shopping. It cost us RP 50,000 for the taxi. We shopped for some kain sarung, kebaya sulam, telekung for our mums. It’s very cheap. I can get Telekung sutera for RM 70. murah kan?? We performed zohor and asar prayer (jamak) at a Masjid at Denpasar. We had our lunch at a small restaurant nearby and it cost us RP 21,000 (RM 8) for the 3 of us. Uishh lagi la murah?!!! . But of course the cleanliness was questionable. Sebab da lapa sangat, baca bismillah dan tawakkal je lah. ^_^. We went back to our hotel. I had my body massage hrs after that and we had our dinner at Mc’d :D

Day 4

After looking into our souvenirs and all the items that we’ve bought earlier, we decided to go back to Denpasar to buy more souvenirs. After we had our breakfast, we headed to Denpasar at 10 am. We bought more souvenirs and headed back to the hotel afterwards. On the way back, we had a bad experience with the taxi. We were dropped just outside Kuta town border. According to the driver, he’s not able to enter the city due to problems with the law etc. The bad side is that we’ve already paid the fees in full. On the way, he asked us to pay upfront by stopping at the gas station to fill-in his tank. Luckily, another taxi came by and we were able to get back to the hotel. Here, we wasted RP 10,000 (RM 3.50) but anyway this is some experience. We checked out at 12 noon and headed to the airport. We touch down at Malaysia around 5.30 pm and arrived safely at home at 6.30 pm. Alhamdulillah. All happy and healthy. Thanks Abang for this amazing trip. I really recommend Bali to others !! Pegi la.. best best.. kalau ada peluang memang nak pegi lagi… tapi rugi la kan. Baik pegi tempat lain. Tapi kalau free. Tentu saja saya mahu pergi lagi…:D

At night we went to Pasar malam to buy our dinner. We left Athirah at her cousin house so that she can play. When headed to pasar malam, my hubby said.. “ baru la berpeluang jalan berdua… setelah 4 hari berlalu… “ hahahhaha.. ape nak buat.. :D.. …Lain kali pegi, bawa assistant la. Baru ada peluang jalan dua org kan. :D

At Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot

Breakfast at Ramayana Hotel, Kuta, Bali

Seafood at Djimbaran

In front of Hardrock Hotel, Kuta

Lunch at Kintamani, Volcanic Mountain

Padi Terrece

Coffee tester

Sunset at Tanah LotSemayang ngan Ayah.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Celebration of Love :-*

Last week, on 18th June 2008 was our 3rd anniversary as husband and wife. No special celebration was made but we had our lunch together at our favorite Chinese food restaurant Dong Yi Shun , Summit. Remind us on our trip to Shanghai, China last year. It was the same restaurant but certain food was not sold here.

Other than that, my hubby got himself a brand new guitar and a joystick for his PS2 crave of guitar hero III. It is not a real guitar, It’s a guitar that can be played with this game only. Actually, I was not expected him to buy them but I can understand why he did that. A day before, he had shown me a clip on ‘youtube’ which a 5 years old kid played that game with perfect score on expert level (100%). That kid used that guitar. Now my hubby keep on practicing and hopefully one day he can make it. he he..

Whatever it is, you still can't beat that kid lah abang. Or course. He he.. age problem. ^_^ but I know that won't stop you. I know you want to teach our daughter to play this game so that the record can be broken eventually.

No matter what it is,

Happy Anniversary to My Dear. Thanks for being such a wonderful husband for me. I know I’m not perfect but I promise to continue improving myself to be a perfect companion for you. I love you very much. May Allah bless our family forever. Amin

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kungfu Panda

Pada hari khamis yang lepas, aku dan suami dah berjaya membawa our little darling Athirah tengok wayang. Cerita apa lagi kalau bukan cerita KUNGFU PANDA.. watchaaaa… wah. Memang seronok. Apa yang seronok? Cerita tu lah. Athirah pun seronok. Actually hubby bought ticket yang twin seat (belakang sekali tepi). Ianya sebagai contingency plan kalau tiba-tiba our athirah buat perangai. Sempat lah melarikan diri tanpa menggangu crowd yang ramai. Note that this is her first cinema movie. At her age of 2 yrs old. What an achievement !!! ^_^. Sebelum nih masa Athirah 1 ½ years, kami pernah bawa Athirah watch Elephant show di Fantasia, Phuket. She was very well behaved. Tu yang agak confident nak bawa ke cinema kali ini and it turns out great. Lepas nih boleh tengok cerita lain lagi lah. Tak perlu lah ibu dan ayah sampai perlu ambil cuti semata2 nak tengok wayang (sebab kena tinggal kan Athirah di rumah baby sitter). Tapi of course apply untuk certain movie only. Yelah, kalau cerita love story ke mahu mengamuk cik adik kite nih. Kan. Tapi kalau cerita action plak, ibu die la mengamuk.. haha tu yang Ayah die kene tengok sorang2 je lah.

Masa dalam cinema, Athirah duduk tengah-tengah. In middle between ibu and ayah. She can only seat on the chair for 1 hr. and the rest. She stand and walk around. She did scream a few times but since the movie was super-dupper funny, the crowd were also laugh. So its turn out nobody bother about her voices.

In conclusion, kita boleh pegi sama2 lagi ye sayang..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update!!... Update!!

It’s been quite sometime since my last update. Yesterday, Mun a.k.a my beloved sister who live in the planet far-far away from home has been asking me to update my blog and I already gave her my words. Now, here I am. Blogging while pondering what will be the best content to share here.

My pregnancy now already reaches to 2 months and 10 days (+/-). Alhamdulillah. I can see the heartbeat even its quite blurry. It’s still too small. Maybe we can see a clear picture next month. InsyaAllah and again Maybe I can share it here. I went to clinic for check up with my office mate (Erin) during lunch. It was my first time that I went for check up without my other half. Well, Actually I didn’t feel weird at all. It is just a simple check up.

Athirah now already learned a few english words. Able to make a few sentences like

“ Ibu, What is that?

“ Where is Ayah?”

And even when I asked her… “What is that Athirah?” and she said “ The Moon”.

I remember the 1st sentence contains 4 words that she made in Malay which amazed me.

“ Ibu, Ayah pegi keje. J “ .

She can now sing a few nursery rhymes with words here and there and sometime the only thing I can hear is the humming sounds. ^_^. Amongs her favourite nursery rhymes are “Baa baa black ship , twinkle-twinkle, rain rain go away and E-yaE-ya-O”. She can sing ABC songs until Z (only half complete with missing alphabet in the middle). She can recognizes white, yellow, blue and sometime pink.

I know some other kids can do even better on her age. but I’ts ok. Kite belajar relax2 saje kan sayang .

Here, a picture that we snapped during her 2nd birthday

. It is not really a party. We just bought a cake and brought them a night before Ayu’s wedding. She so excited with birthday cake. She keep on singing birthday song along the way to Ayu’s house at Seremban.

Some pic during Ayu's wedding

We plan to watch Kungfu Panda with her today. That will be her 1st time wayang experience. I’m not sure how she would re-act but I’ll share with you guys later (kalau rajin). Dah la start at 10.10 pm.. huuuish.

As for me… I’ve been busy with my job lately. Too many requests that need to be entertained especially from the bosses. Even though it is not really related to my job but they are the top-top bosses that I cant say NO to. Just buat je lah .. LilllahiTaala…

My other half has been too obsesses with his camera and photography thingy. That’s not all, he now got into a new hobby which is playing game of guitar hero. It’s PS2.thingy. I'm just glad he found something that he likes. Actually, I can’t really complain because he still helps me to do chores and take care of our Athirah. What more can I ask for? Therefore, Up to you lah abang.. . Jgn sampai hobi yang membawa kepada membeli benda yang bukan2 dah lah.

Ha mun, cukup lah dulu ye? Later akak sambung lagi. Luv you and take care.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Public Mutual Exam

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Alhamdulillah, with Allah will, I just passed my public mutual xm. susah jugak.. sempat lah jawab dalam 400 soalan contoh sebelum xm tu. Thanks to my upline su . err..rahsianya saya ambil cuti 2 hari untuk study. he he.. InsyaAllah. ingat nak buat nih part time. kalau ada rezeki, Allah izinkan siapa tahu kan...doa-doakan lah ye..
kalau ada kawan-kawan yang nak invest boleh call/email saya.

p/s: next coming project: - nak pergi kelas photoshop abang hadi weekend nih. :-0excited sangat...

Thanks abang... I cant do this without.. I love you so much... much much more everyday.. he he bye Athirah, ibu pergi menyahut seruan minat...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TM Night 2008

19 April 08, me and my hubby went to TMNight Award. The food was superb ^_^, with the grilled lamb, rojak passembor, fruit chocolate including strawberries, satey etc.. etc... . but I guess the best part were meeting interesting people and watching people compete for TM star award. It was also like a gathering for my hubby as he met lots of his friends from other region and the TM star was way so much better than Akademi Fantasia that was on the same time showing on astro. Hey, we got lots of talented people in TM lah :D. Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking kay. EnJoice.Self potrait try out
Gaban & angels.
me, kak ija & fiza
Ida & me

Friday, April 18, 2008

oucchieee... my list...

ouchhiee... tengah confuse. tengah blurr.. banyak sangat mende nak kene buat.. sampai taktahu nak start yang mana dulu.... amongs the things in my list now are:-

1. Nak amek exam public mutual khamis ni. so nak kene study... cuak, nak pergi kelas haritu.. tapi tak dapat sebab ade orang mempergunakan aku untuk mengambil menet meeting.. huhu sedih, apa nak buat...

2. Selain dari tu, ingat nak jahit manik kat baju biru.. untuk pegi TM night tu.. (kalau pegilah... since macam susah nak carik org jaga athirah.. mcm tak pegi je lah.. mun tolong akak mun, jaga athirah... huhu... ),

3. lagi....nak siapkan baju blaus yang belajar kat kelas menjahit tu. kalau pegi tak siap lagi.. err rugi lah... banyak masa yang rugi, ingat kalau pergi minggu nih nak la suh die ajar jahit baju kurung plak, lepas tu jubah, lepas tu seluar... panjangnye list baju nak belajar... hehe.. memang minat pun. seronok...

4. lepas tu... jengjeng jeng.... saya nak amek kelas photoshop 3-4 May nih.. hahhaa.. lepas nih cantik2 la gambar akak edit.. jangan jeles mun.. hehehe. tade ah yang nih tade commercial mane pun.. memang tahu gune cuma tak pernah tahu ape mende-mende penting yang perlu tahu .. bagus jugak kalau pergi .. memang tunggu peluang macam nih

5. Saya jadi ajk hari keluarga untuk division saya. banyak juga perkara yang perlu diselesaikan. dengan kerja-kerja rutin. tadi je dah spend seharian beli hadiah. cuma dah mention awal-awal next week tanak keluar pegi mana-mana. maklumlah ada exam day next week. tapi ingat nak ambil cuti sehari awal. So, sempat nak mentelaah pelajaran sikit. chewaaah. dah lama sangat tak study. tak ambil xm. mestilah susah jugak nak adjust awal-awal dulu. skrang dah ok sket. dah abes satu capture rasa dah ok sikit.

Apapun....thanks to abg yang begitu supportive dengan project2 wife die yang banyak beratur nih.. memang sabar.. hehehe I love you abang.ok la enough about list2 yang panjang berjela tu.. dari sambung tulis ,. baik sambung buat kerja kan.. ha.. start with jahit manik jap. hahahaha.. erm.. tanak lah, nak sambung study dulu.. sementara tunggu kak siti ngan along balik dating tengok hetty koes endang... ntah apa la yang die suke sangat. gara-gara tanak tengok mawi ye. apa boleh buat.. macam mak kata, ko pegi la jaga 2 org anak ko tu.. belajar2 ada anak dua. hehhee yelah mak. doakan lah angah dapat athirah dapat adik plak lepas nih. hehe hehe.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mendua - Hampir Ke Situ

Liriknya terlalu indah... lalu menyedarkan aku untuk terus berusaha dalam menggapai apa jua yang aku impikan.. Of course, it's never easy. but it never hurt to try isn't. buuut, what do I want? :-)Guys..what do you want in your life? what is your dream?.. Aku rasa aku sendiri masih lagi tercari-cari tentang apakah yang aku mahu dalam hidup ini. Mungkin ....kerana terlalu berserah pada arus dan pasrah. Padahal aku rasa dulu aku seorang yang bercita-cita tinggi. Tapi, terlalu banyak gangguan-halangan-dugaan yang melanda dalam setiap perjalanan hidupku. sehingga aku seolah-olah melupakan tentang cita-cita dan impian. Sehingga aku kini tidak dapat memikirkan walau satu pun.... atau Mungkin tidak punya satu pun? . sedih kan.... lets think about it dear friends. But anyway, Thanks for mendua who sing it beautifully and to the song and lyrics writer.. you guys made a great song...superb.... At least I think they do.

aku sadar bukan mudah

untuk mengejar mimpi indah
pernah suatu ketika dulu ku punya
harapan besar
kini aku tak pasti
dapatkah ku miliki

sudah jauh kita temu
kekalkanlah impian lalu
mungkin ada hikmah yg akan menunggu di penghujung jalan
biar nanti kecewa
setidak-tidaknya cuba

jika halangan menduga
perjalanan kita
janganlah kau putus asa
kerna ku ada di sisi
setia menemani
andai semangat mu gugur
genggamlah tanganku
kita hampir ke situ

adakala ku terasa
ketabahan tak setegah
tetapi apakan andainya
berhenti separuh jalan
percayalah padaku
aku yakin kita mampu

biar orang katakan
rapuhnya harapan
bukan mereka tentukan tapi
kau atau aku
tandaku punya kamu
apa telah akhirnya
tetap bersama