Friday, June 20, 2008

Celebration of Love :-*

Last week, on 18th June 2008 was our 3rd anniversary as husband and wife. No special celebration was made but we had our lunch together at our favorite Chinese food restaurant Dong Yi Shun , Summit. Remind us on our trip to Shanghai, China last year. It was the same restaurant but certain food was not sold here.

Other than that, my hubby got himself a brand new guitar and a joystick for his PS2 crave of guitar hero III. It is not a real guitar, It’s a guitar that can be played with this game only. Actually, I was not expected him to buy them but I can understand why he did that. A day before, he had shown me a clip on ‘youtube’ which a 5 years old kid played that game with perfect score on expert level (100%). That kid used that guitar. Now my hubby keep on practicing and hopefully one day he can make it. he he..

Whatever it is, you still can't beat that kid lah abang. Or course. He he.. age problem. ^_^ but I know that won't stop you. I know you want to teach our daughter to play this game so that the record can be broken eventually.

No matter what it is,

Happy Anniversary to My Dear. Thanks for being such a wonderful husband for me. I know I’m not perfect but I promise to continue improving myself to be a perfect companion for you. I love you very much. May Allah bless our family forever. Amin

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Norman said...

itu gitar mahal tu. yg saya beli murah je .. hehe. luv u too