Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kita Pilih bos ke? Bos pilih kita...

It starts when a friend of mine suddenly stresses at the office today. Out of nowhere , she informed me that she wants to change unit. I wonder why but after a few ‘ korek session’, I finally know that It was because she was stressed with her bos.

Sound familiar?. Actually, It happens everywhere in any organization. Sometimes, we get a good one and sometimes we get a bad one. There is a cases where the bos doesn’t know how to the work but keep on giving order without any guide and expect the job to be tip top. And funny part, even they don’t know what kind the standard they want until they get the feedback from the higher bosses saying that the job was not up to their expectation. At the end of the day, they will finger point it back to their staff who do their dirty job and put all the blame on her/him. When that job get a good remarks, they are the one who get all the recognition and none of it being passes to the staff. Kesian .. he he

I know not all bosses like that because I meet some bosses who do have certain criteria that make them a good bos. I hope I can be like them one day. InsyaAllah. (^_^). We cant get lucky everytime right? and I believe what we can do now is we need to do the task given at our very best level and do it Lillahi Taala so that it can be ibadah for us. The rest, left it to Allah to decide. and heyyy.. do learn along your way to the top :)

p/s: In my office, ada bos yang tak pernah tahu pun apa kerja dia. tapi dia dapat naik sebab die good in PR. yang teruk staff lah. tapi yang rugi organisasi tu sendiri. but, when it comes to 'moderation/performance evaluation' siapa-siapa yang pernah menunjukkan rasa tak puas hati memang confirm dapat performance teruk (dah masuk dalam blacklist die). Imagine, customer hantar email pada die , suruh staff yang jawab .. dan main forward je pada customer without baca. hish senang betul kerja die. lagi best, boleh tidur masa meeting dengan customer.. waa. malunya..

[ hehe. tapi bukan bos saya.. bos kawan saya.. :) ]

Friday, November 21, 2008

Saman Traffic

Saya baru kene saman traffic sebab berckp telefon ketika driving.. perasaan : sangat stress!!!..
berape ek kene kalau saman begini??..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My darling 1st video conference.

They had fun! Athirah 1st video conference with Aishah...Kesian Aishah demam... . Get well soon Ok. Jgn lupe mkn ubat yang mama kasitu....
She's showing her cookie2...
and closer look..........

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday.

I hope it's not that late to blog about it. Sebenarnya dah tulis separuh tapi ntah kenapa rasa nak delete dan nak tulis yang baru. mungkin juga pengaruh persekitaran atau apa saja yang dapat mempengaruhi mood saya sekarang ni. :). Baru je balik dari rumah mak dan baru je lps chat dengan mun.. err phone chat tru yahoo msgr. lama kan mun. tak perlu bayar apa-apa. I loooOoove yahoo msgr.. :)

Last night, ada jugak birthday celebration for us. mak n dekda beli kek.. Thanks da n mak. Thanks everyone :).. It was so sweet.. and I believe that was the last birthday cake for this yr. Altogether we had hm.. I believe 3 cakes. :). Forgot to mention, my birthday and hubby just next to each other. hubby on 4th and me on 5th. Nampak2nya. saya takkan tahu yang hubby lupa my birthday except if saya yang lupa dulu lah. :).

Happy 28th birthday to us Honey.

1st cake was from my SIL, kekna... thankss :)

2nd cake from my hubby... :)

and last one as from my mum and sister.

p/s: Kalau perasan, Athirah la yang paling excited. kami nak pegang pisau pun susah. I think in our age , kids enjoy more.. :)