Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kota Kinabalu 13-17 Oct 2011 (1st day)

With Allah permission, Alhamdulillah. we managed to be at the Tip of Borneo , Negeri di bawah bayu. Kota kinabalu, Sabah on 13hb until 17hb Oct 2011. Why did I said "manag

e to be"? it simply because we've booked the ticket since last year... dengan siapa lagi if not??..
pakcik tony@Airasia. (mcm pakcik aku plak haha)really need to thank them for make it possible. kalau harap MAS, tade la pegi.. sayang duit wooi hehe.. :)

So why KK? why choose KK for our family trip? Basically it was due to the beautiful beaches, views, mountain and the most importantly food. hehe ok la.. ESPECIALLY SEAFOOD. KK is a seafood paradise. you can get a yummy delicious seafood meal at very affordable price. I cant say cheap because the thing that you ordered there is not the same thing that you'll ordered in Semenjung. Contoh nya Udang Harimau ka? lobster ka? ok fine aku tak makan lobster lak masa kat sane.. h
e he.... Me and husband is the nature type. We love nature and view. But yet open ourselves for adventures. Thats why we choose KK rather than Genting/Hongkong Disney. Which eventually still in my wishlist but later2 la kan.. he he..:)

You know, if you want it cheaper you need to book earlier..( good deal RM 350 return ticket for 5 adults? murah giler kan.. hehe.). so when it comes to something like this, ..anything can happen. I can get pregnant or could get into any work related/issue or whatever that Allah may think it best for me which consequently will lead to the cancellation of this trip. but really can't Thank Allah enough for all these nikmat.. Nikmat jalan-jalan, nikmat makan, kasih sayang.. All that I cant list it down here because the list will be too long!...(ok enough said)

Here goes the details....

13hb Oct 2011- Arrived at KK at noon around 11am. (Time zone I think -1hr++). so subuh at 5.00 am and lunch time at 11am. ( so do you math kay. Jangan terlajak subuh pulak.). Its very the NO-NO thing to do. ( Dosa woo.... kot2 la jadi ape ape kan.. nak bersukaria la konon2nye.. so enough said...mcm ustazah plak hehe ). SOoo... We've checked in Promenade Apart
ment for a night. The apartment is not so nice... you'll feel like living in a flat. but interior is ok but not the outside. you can find the review from tripadvisor or watsoever other holidays website kay.. I won't do it here.
For me, you got what you pay for. For me, we just stay there for a night. so sabar je lah :). ni kes saje nak try and jimat la konon nye.

For those coming as couple, I'd suggest you guys to stay at other places like promenande hotel or if the budget so surplus can go to sutera harbour :), for promenade, you can get a good deal by booking earlier via this website

So what we did on the 1st day?
13hbOct (Evening) , went to Borneo Mall at KK, went there by Bus. We took the public transport. we only paid rm1/each. murah giler kan. 1st time took a family trip by bus. the bus station is walking distance, around 5 minutes. the bus is the one with 'green-yellow'. you cant be wrong. It was a bit challenge at first but It was all OK all the way. Its a new experience to the kids too. so It's a good thing. (Ok ok tak la aci sangat.. my helper ikut sekali.. hehe)..
Borneo Mall, KK

What did we get from Borneo Mall? nothing much. they said it is the biggest shopping mall in KK. but yet cant compete with Midvalley. but the thing that we've learnt, had a nice view , seeing something from the route took by the bus, which not something that you can have when you're driving the car (for this case it doesnt apply to me because Im not the driver and finally the experience that the kids get while taking the public bus. so overall kewl lah. (but not adviseable if your day is too short)

So back from borneo mall, it was getting dark. Everybody felt very tried especially the kids. so me n hubby went out to buy dinner for the night and back at our room for dinner. So what we had for dinner? Jeng jeng jeng..

seafood bakar, yang hijau tu seaweed, norman's fav and chicken wings yang fames tuu.. (wajib makan!). the not forgotten the bakso, sedap ok. gambar je tade.. all this you can get at the famous pasar filipina tu.. Selamat mencuba dan bersambung nanti . Tunggu because the next day, we'll be driving to kudat and kundasang! worthy journey i tell you!