Saturday, June 6, 2009


I want to change my layout.. I dont want pink anymore. Its too strinking. what colour should it be. ? hm by the way, actually i just want to share my athirah's bedroom. I did this with my hubby at ... hm can see the clock on the wall? you like it..? I think it cute and pink!! haha pink again.... but Athirah still wants to sleep with us. Pack on our queen bed. and end up hubby sleeping on the floor (with toto)... kesian :D .... but now we have a brand new toto from Kelantan. so its quite comfy when double it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy 3rd birthday Izzah Athirah.

It was celebrated twice . First, on the birthday itself and another one is on the weekend which we invited some of our close friends and family. It was just a small party but enough to make our little darling happy.

On her birthday itself, hubby bought a small chocolate cheesecake from the nearest shop. I forgot the shop name but the owner was the chef of hilton hotel. (entahkan benar?? ) . Hubby managed to arrive earlier than us (which he usually doesn't) . So, I went in and put the candle on and hide behind the wall while ayah & athirah was having a great time playing the football outside. so what happened was Ayah kickn' the ball to the livn' hall and Athirah went in to pickup. Immediately, I went out with the cake on my hand (with the candle on). It was dark because its already maghrib. so the moment was there lah :D... We sang happy birthday to her. ...She was jumping up and down and repeatedly said " atiyah nye birthday ke.. for me?? " hehhehe.. She looks so happy and bundle with joy. It was a happy moment for us too. Her expression was priceless. It was a little suprise yet the happiness was all over it.

and we had another celebration over the weekend. I managed to cook few meals like meehon goreng spore, sausage roll, some jellies and chicken nuggests. jadilah kan.. :D. lain kali I will organize besar2an punye... that night was AF finale so everybody was rushing back home. :D. unfortunately , it was a bad performance from Hafiz. sian la peminat2 die termasuk makngah n auntie amy ye.. :D tula sape suh balik awal. layan athirah lagi best.. By the way, Thanks for the pressie ya everyone!!

My little girl has already grown up.. so fast :(. I love you sayang. I hope that you'll be good daughter & a wonderful muslimah. InsyaAllah.