Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My BigA and her Asthma attack

My poor sugarpie, BigA has been warded for asthma . She cant breath properly. I cant do much to help. We've been trying to feed her with ventolin scrup and inhaler(the one that need to be use with chamber - ventoline gak name die) bottom line, it doesn't work. We've brought her to annur clinic and took nab (nabulizer) that very night (a night before warded) but it worked only for a while. She can't sleep all night. caughing non-stop. Kesian ok!

The next day, early morning, I mean not so early around 9 am we brought her to the annur again. Hopefully, she can get nab again and hopefully she'll breath properly after that. And as expected- "mcm mak die doc kan?", upon doc checked, she immediately suggestted for nab. err not just once, twicee!! double dose.... which took us around 1 hr ++ (plus the waiting time.. 2 kali, 2 kali check doc, 2 kali tunggu etc). huhuhu/// kesian. but seriously,its easier to handle her than iman.. but i think its harder for those with babies.
So, after the 2nd nab, Its doesnt really improved her breathing so doc decided to warded.. so there you go... NOW, Here we are stuck in the annur bed Lilly 8 for 2 nights. Actually, I can see her condition improving on the 1st day .. so was soooo looking forward that maybe ... the mr nice doctor will release us the next day. but the mr nice doctor has turned to Mr- not-so nice doc because he said that he can only release us after 2 nights. that's because BigA require to take 48hrs dosage of ubat2an which including all the antibiotic n gasses (nabulizer) - every 4 hrs.

No wonder la I tak boleh buat kerja kat sini kan?

It's 3 days, 2 nights guys !! not that I mind.. err actually i mind jugak because of I need to take my leave (rugi rugi) hehehhee. ala you know.. kinna boring seeing the wall everywhere. stay inside the box. cant really go anywhere. ^_^ terukkan mak dia. but i think compare me to her, lagi kesian la die kan

Actually, I did go somewhere especially when Mr Ayah came to visit. I will use this as excuse to go somewhere. you know just to get some fresh air . seeing the outside world. hik hik.

But thinking about it, not all bad. "Setiap takdir/ujian/perjalanan yang Allah tetapkan untuk umatnya pasti ada hikmah yang tersembunyi.. hanya mereka yang berfikir merenung pasti akan dapat merasainya." dan inilah yang i rasa. WE did some many things together.

"tell stories, drawing, colouring, playing games- computer games/android games, yang tak boleh blah - exploring.. dari 3rd floor to 2nd floor, siap bawak paper lagi.. konon2 mcm dora's map. hikhik.. tak sempat tengok email office pun... slow giler gune 3G. So, Just want to show you some of her art works.

Somehow, I think maybe its just another way that she could spend more time with me. But,not in the way that I imagine or- should be. What can I say, LitteI always manage to get our attention using her tantrum and all. BigA selalu mengalah :(. MrN used to say this " I paham perasaan anak yang pertama ini" since he's 1st. Hehe. Which I will respond back with " Apa yang u try nak highlight ni?? " and always end with him gelak-gelak.. The BigQ is hm.. apakah yang di lalui ya??? adik-adik suami, kalian suka buli abang kalian ka? hak hak..

So, on our last day, managed to check out during noon.. dan inilah muka kanak-kanak ceria yang dapat keluar hospital!!! Alhamdulillah. Hopefully, she'll recover fast. we still need to continue with antibiotic n several other ubats at home.

Athirah :"Ibu, ambil gambar saya kat sini !!"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Story of Hope

Very inspiring story from Ravi shanker. hope can read the full version soon, I'm working on it yeahh. anyone of you have e-news id, pinjam plsss..

Snipped: from thestar.com.my (a reader's comments)

I WAS touched and inspired by Ravi Shankar Rama Murthy’s story in “The answer is dance” (The Star, June 11). I can empathise with his predicament, being this mother’s only child, to be left in the cold after her sudden death.

He was left with no choice but to grow up overnight, at 15. I have come across people of lesser character who blame everything and everyone for unfortunate events that happen to them.

Some blamed others (even their own spouses and family members) for bringing them bad luck, some blame the stars and their birth signs, some even blame God. These people refuse and are incapable of, assessing the situation objectively, analysing the failures and making plans how to tackle the challenges.

They wallow in self pity and think that their “bad luck” is the work of others. They do not look within themselves and acknowledge their shortcomings. They do not think ahead and strive to resolve problems.

Many have even taken to drugs and alcohol abuse, neglecting their responsibilities. They forget that God will only help those who help themselves. Ravi has endured much suffering and yet, it has taught him tenacity and given him strength of spirit and character.

The bottom line is, he worked hard; he worked to earn money to survive, he worked hard to do well in his studies, he worked hard in his career, he worked hard unwaveringly to establish Asthana Arts, and above everything else, his determination shone through.

This is the lesson I have reminded my children after reading Ravi’s story - you have to work hard to succeed, there is no short cut to success.

In times of adversity, be strong and determined to face challenges. Live your life with the highest integrity and you will be rewarded and recognised one day. Thank you, The Star for bringing us such inspiring stories.


Cheras, Selangor.

Image: http://mukluk.wordpress.com

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kemana cuti-cuti airasia anda?

Dah berabukk!! Ataupun dah bersawang? Mungkinkah itu patah-patah pembuka bicara? Lama sangat blog ni tak berupdate. Sepi je. Pembaca? mesti korang rasa, "ada aku kisahkan??" :D haha. Ok. sempena promotion Airasia yang lepas, aku dah BERJAYAAaaaa membeli tiket ke Melbourne untuk 4 org. Alhamdulillah. It costs us 3.7K? haha ye ye. Memang mahal tapi masih murah kalau divide by 4 kan kan??.kira la sendiri sebab i tau semua org tere maths . Alhamdulillah, kebetulan ada duit “ bonus terlebih suda.” So beli la. Soal belanja, fikirkan tahun depan sebab tarikhnya 2-10 June 2012! Haha 2012 ye tuan puan. setahun dari sekarang , boleh start counting! nak dapat harga yang murah kene beli waktu ade promotion. Thanks to Mr Tony Fernandez for make it possible for average people like me.. :), nanti boleh la promotion lagi.. nanti kami-kami ini berlumba-lumba beli lagi. Kalau tunggu MAS, rasanya... tak merasa la kan. :)

Berkenaan belanja disana, Mudah-mudahan company aku ni berUNTUNG jadi ada bonus declare untuk next year. Pastu boleh beli ticket ke NZ plak? OPPppsss… NZ tu canteeekkkk.. teringin teringin.. mudah-mudahan Allah izinkan. OWh yes, kalau teringin ni.. keterlaluan sangat rasanya. Antara my wish list > tour europe, new zealand, middle east, istanbul/turki. korea dan jepun.. kalau dapat kire bonus la.. EH ehhh.. mane list pergi umrah ke haji ke? Hilang pulak dah.. bz bzz..Haji insyaAllah 2022, umrah?? kalau ada duit lebih next year.. cover istanbul sekali.. opssss.. :) sampingan aje.. jangan la kau pesongkan tumpuanku ketika aku menunaikan umrah atas kerana sikapku yang suka berjalan amin.. jauhkan yaAllah.. jauhkan..

So latest,
Dan bulan 10 ni, InsyaAllah kami akan ke Kota Kinabalu sekeluarga. Actually, sudah beberapa kali kami menjejakkan kaki ke sana Cuma tak pernah round sangat pun, paling-paling pusing-pusing di Bandar je. Harap2 kali ini boleh ke kundasang dan makan seafood segar yang dimasak sendiri di kondo marina. YES! Semua dah book ye . Murah jee.. rm350 untuk tambang 5 org?! (termasuk bibik) kan kan murah kan.. Teringat ayah cakap “budak-budak sekarang ni mewah, masa belajar dah boleh pergi oversea.. ayah dulu... bla bla bla ".. ( tak dinafikan agak benar) on our defend, now we got airasia ayahhhh !!! "

Cukuplah kisah airasia yang sangat mengujakan tu.. sedikit gambar-gambar melbourne untuk membakar semangat. kalau ada yang nak ikutt!?! roger ye..