Thursday, June 16, 2011

Story of Hope

Very inspiring story from Ravi shanker. hope can read the full version soon, I'm working on it yeahh. anyone of you have e-news id, pinjam plsss..

Snipped: from (a reader's comments)

I WAS touched and inspired by Ravi Shankar Rama Murthy’s story in “The answer is dance” (The Star, June 11). I can empathise with his predicament, being this mother’s only child, to be left in the cold after her sudden death.

He was left with no choice but to grow up overnight, at 15. I have come across people of lesser character who blame everything and everyone for unfortunate events that happen to them.

Some blamed others (even their own spouses and family members) for bringing them bad luck, some blame the stars and their birth signs, some even blame God. These people refuse and are incapable of, assessing the situation objectively, analysing the failures and making plans how to tackle the challenges.

They wallow in self pity and think that their “bad luck” is the work of others. They do not look within themselves and acknowledge their shortcomings. They do not think ahead and strive to resolve problems.

Many have even taken to drugs and alcohol abuse, neglecting their responsibilities. They forget that God will only help those who help themselves. Ravi has endured much suffering and yet, it has taught him tenacity and given him strength of spirit and character.

The bottom line is, he worked hard; he worked to earn money to survive, he worked hard to do well in his studies, he worked hard in his career, he worked hard unwaveringly to establish Asthana Arts, and above everything else, his determination shone through.

This is the lesson I have reminded my children after reading Ravi’s story - you have to work hard to succeed, there is no short cut to success.

In times of adversity, be strong and determined to face challenges. Live your life with the highest integrity and you will be rewarded and recognised one day. Thank you, The Star for bringing us such inspiring stories.


Cheras, Selangor.


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