Friday, June 20, 2008

Celebration of Love :-*

Last week, on 18th June 2008 was our 3rd anniversary as husband and wife. No special celebration was made but we had our lunch together at our favorite Chinese food restaurant Dong Yi Shun , Summit. Remind us on our trip to Shanghai, China last year. It was the same restaurant but certain food was not sold here.

Other than that, my hubby got himself a brand new guitar and a joystick for his PS2 crave of guitar hero III. It is not a real guitar, It’s a guitar that can be played with this game only. Actually, I was not expected him to buy them but I can understand why he did that. A day before, he had shown me a clip on ‘youtube’ which a 5 years old kid played that game with perfect score on expert level (100%). That kid used that guitar. Now my hubby keep on practicing and hopefully one day he can make it. he he..

Whatever it is, you still can't beat that kid lah abang. Or course. He he.. age problem. ^_^ but I know that won't stop you. I know you want to teach our daughter to play this game so that the record can be broken eventually.

No matter what it is,

Happy Anniversary to My Dear. Thanks for being such a wonderful husband for me. I know I’m not perfect but I promise to continue improving myself to be a perfect companion for you. I love you very much. May Allah bless our family forever. Amin

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kungfu Panda

Pada hari khamis yang lepas, aku dan suami dah berjaya membawa our little darling Athirah tengok wayang. Cerita apa lagi kalau bukan cerita KUNGFU PANDA.. watchaaaa… wah. Memang seronok. Apa yang seronok? Cerita tu lah. Athirah pun seronok. Actually hubby bought ticket yang twin seat (belakang sekali tepi). Ianya sebagai contingency plan kalau tiba-tiba our athirah buat perangai. Sempat lah melarikan diri tanpa menggangu crowd yang ramai. Note that this is her first cinema movie. At her age of 2 yrs old. What an achievement !!! ^_^. Sebelum nih masa Athirah 1 ½ years, kami pernah bawa Athirah watch Elephant show di Fantasia, Phuket. She was very well behaved. Tu yang agak confident nak bawa ke cinema kali ini and it turns out great. Lepas nih boleh tengok cerita lain lagi lah. Tak perlu lah ibu dan ayah sampai perlu ambil cuti semata2 nak tengok wayang (sebab kena tinggal kan Athirah di rumah baby sitter). Tapi of course apply untuk certain movie only. Yelah, kalau cerita love story ke mahu mengamuk cik adik kite nih. Kan. Tapi kalau cerita action plak, ibu die la mengamuk.. haha tu yang Ayah die kene tengok sorang2 je lah.

Masa dalam cinema, Athirah duduk tengah-tengah. In middle between ibu and ayah. She can only seat on the chair for 1 hr. and the rest. She stand and walk around. She did scream a few times but since the movie was super-dupper funny, the crowd were also laugh. So its turn out nobody bother about her voices.

In conclusion, kita boleh pegi sama2 lagi ye sayang..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update!!... Update!!

It’s been quite sometime since my last update. Yesterday, Mun a.k.a my beloved sister who live in the planet far-far away from home has been asking me to update my blog and I already gave her my words. Now, here I am. Blogging while pondering what will be the best content to share here.

My pregnancy now already reaches to 2 months and 10 days (+/-). Alhamdulillah. I can see the heartbeat even its quite blurry. It’s still too small. Maybe we can see a clear picture next month. InsyaAllah and again Maybe I can share it here. I went to clinic for check up with my office mate (Erin) during lunch. It was my first time that I went for check up without my other half. Well, Actually I didn’t feel weird at all. It is just a simple check up.

Athirah now already learned a few english words. Able to make a few sentences like

“ Ibu, What is that?

“ Where is Ayah?”

And even when I asked her… “What is that Athirah?” and she said “ The Moon”.

I remember the 1st sentence contains 4 words that she made in Malay which amazed me.

“ Ibu, Ayah pegi keje. J “ .

She can now sing a few nursery rhymes with words here and there and sometime the only thing I can hear is the humming sounds. ^_^. Amongs her favourite nursery rhymes are “Baa baa black ship , twinkle-twinkle, rain rain go away and E-yaE-ya-O”. She can sing ABC songs until Z (only half complete with missing alphabet in the middle). She can recognizes white, yellow, blue and sometime pink.

I know some other kids can do even better on her age. but I’ts ok. Kite belajar relax2 saje kan sayang .

Here, a picture that we snapped during her 2nd birthday

. It is not really a party. We just bought a cake and brought them a night before Ayu’s wedding. She so excited with birthday cake. She keep on singing birthday song along the way to Ayu’s house at Seremban.

Some pic during Ayu's wedding

We plan to watch Kungfu Panda with her today. That will be her 1st time wayang experience. I’m not sure how she would re-act but I’ll share with you guys later (kalau rajin). Dah la start at 10.10 pm.. huuuish.

As for me… I’ve been busy with my job lately. Too many requests that need to be entertained especially from the bosses. Even though it is not really related to my job but they are the top-top bosses that I cant say NO to. Just buat je lah .. LilllahiTaala…

My other half has been too obsesses with his camera and photography thingy. That’s not all, he now got into a new hobby which is playing game of guitar hero. It’s PS2.thingy. I'm just glad he found something that he likes. Actually, I can’t really complain because he still helps me to do chores and take care of our Athirah. What more can I ask for? Therefore, Up to you lah abang.. . Jgn sampai hobi yang membawa kepada membeli benda yang bukan2 dah lah.

Ha mun, cukup lah dulu ye? Later akak sambung lagi. Luv you and take care.