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Australia- New Zealand (Part 4) : Around Queenstown

Day 5: Around Queenstown

Early morning after breakfast and clean up everything. we packed our things and ready to gio. so the first visit to Skyline Gondola Queenstown. View at the back is the famous Lake Wakatipu...

Max 4 persons per gondola.. so split lah :)
At the top of Skyline hills. had lots of activities. Things that we did.. Luge! "One that never enough" Kids and adult enjoyed it very much! boleh beli banyak2.. and share amongts us. ada package gondola+luge. mine was 111nzd for 6 with 10 luge session. Baby pun boleh join. Mummy pegang

To the location. put up gears and all..

Ready.. up we go...

Ni first session.. mcm sure x sure.. after that semua nak bawak laju2. hehehhehe.. its like riding a go cart but better! from turun ke bawah bukitt... sampai bawah naik lagi guna clift tu.. turun lagi hehehe. so like their motto "one that never enough"

Pastu tukar2.. Norman plak ride with Ameera. Me with Iman.. Tu iman ckp best!

Dah penat.. w had quick meal at nearby cafe while Dilah para glided with handsome guy? hehehe. 
Paragliding cost her around 99nzd if I not mistaken.

Next is.. Kawarau Bridge..
cuba teka nak buat ape???

ha yelah ni.. aku tak berani! hahhahahahhahahha.

we did zipride as well.. ni package with bungy so around 20nzd for 4 of us! murahla. 

Then after a long day.. break for meal here.

 So basically, if we break for meal. we'll find place with. good view! While mummy masak .. kids main kat luar. masak pun yang senang2 je lah!

contoh.. egg sandwich with cheese! :P

so dah kenyang?! ape lagi ye...
Queenstown at night.. Night walk around the city. Buy souvenirs and eat fruit ice-cream!!Most cheapest souvenirs sell here! beli je la banyak2.. memang dah survey. menyesal korang x beli kat sini..
DF souviners   32 Mall St, Queenstown 9310, New Zealand 

So dah penat.. we need to find place to sleep.. here we go..we slept at 12  delta miles (Twelve mile Delta Latitude: -45.06744151, Longitude: 168.54651706). Its a location for LOTR flim shooting! ada toilet n nice view... masak makan.. tido! Tomorrow will be along journey... 

Bayar kat dalam box je.

Australia - New Zealand (Part 3) : Wanaka to Queenstown

Day 4: Lake Wanaka to Queenstown

Wake up the next day with this view. We are so lucky with the beautiful weather that morning. mirror lake and icy mountain...
This is Lake Wanaka.

Cooked with the Lake and snow mountain view. Brunch menu Nasi Lemak :P. Sedap & Cepat!.

Our next stop:
Puzzling World, Wanaka. Lots of games : Its fun and very educational as well.

Yang atas ni free.

Its a Maze. Basically, the game is you have to find the huts in sequence and find the way out :)

Dila?? Buat ape ni.. Mak marah nanti? 

us..inside the puzzling world 

This one too...Illusion room. Smaller kids will look bigger. bigger guy will look smaller.

and this one too...tempat ni memang senget. They around with gravity make it looks ok. but physically we need to put effort to climb up!

 Still outside the puzzling world.. lama juga di sini.. around 2hours++

Distance from Wanaka to Queenstown is very near. Its around 1.5 hrs only. After Puzzling world we headed to Queenstown through cromwell route. Actually there was  2 route. Cromwell is a bit far, since we are not rushing and we would like to see more!

The view on the way..

We stopped here too..
Cromwell. Small town.. Cromwell famous for the fruit ice cream. There is fruit shop after cromwell town. around 5 mins from Cromwell. You'll see it. The apple is so juicy! love it!

Ameera.. She just woke up!  Layan die kejap.. 

Here is our place for tonight. We slept at Shotover Top 10 Holiday Park. 

Our Dinner : Curry salmon , Rice , Telur dadar and Salad. Yummie! Alhamdulillah..curry paste from Malaysia :) On every top 10 holiday park, We took bath and do laundry. Please jangan kira  berape kali kami mandi? :P

Monday, September 21, 2015

Australia - New Zealand (Part 2): Christchurch to Lake Wanaka

Day 2: To Christchurch

Us  with luggages
Landed .. The security checked was smooth and the staff were friend ly.. Alhamdulillah. If comparing OZ and NZ on security check. NZ is more kids friendly. :)

Ameera, while waiting for our campervan.

We took Apollo 6 berth. Tips: please check everything properly during before signing. For peace of  mind, take full insurance. If you are with kids, please check the car seat and baby seat properly. Make sure your kids can seat there comfortable.  It can be a major disaster if it's not!

We paid NZD 940 (inclusive insurance) for 9 days - It early spring season so the rate is lower than summer. Different seasons, different rate. They applied supply and demand concept :)
At the campsite : Top 10 holiday park 39 Meadow Street,Papanui. Nampak tak duck tu.. boleh terbang! haha.

We applied 10 top holiday park membership from Malaysia and get 10% discount. There are other advantages as well. Refer to this link : https://www.top10.co.nz/members-benefits/. Price is 49NZD. Actually there is another alternative : KIWI holiday park members. but after look into details/review, we choose this one. 

Later, I'll make a separate entry on campervan only. InsyaAllah. If you must know, price using car is much cheaper but the fuel is pricey compare to campervan. campervan is using diesel.
Kids had a good time. They had a supercool playground as well. There was super big giant balloon that you can jump on it! I wish Malaysia can have that as well. Outdoor games are so nice and different. It's good for the kids brain. mak ayah nye pun ok :). Make sure choose a pit stop with a playground. It helps! a lot! almost all top10 holiday park have a supercool playground. Nice right? :D

Forgot to mention, At night we went to 'countdown' to buy some groceries! for halal chicken. please look for brand turk. sausages pun ada. we bought some fruits, roti etc.. beras boleh beli kat sana je. tak mahal mana pun :) So, save the hassle on luggage. The next day, we went straight to Lake Wanaka.

3rd Day : To lake Wanaka

Our route : Christchurch-Lake Tekapo -Lake Pukaki -Lake Ruataniwha(Mt Cook)/Salmon - Twizel - Wanaka (Hours with all the stops? depart at 10am and reached Wanaka at 8pm.)

one of the supercool playground on the way to Lake Tekapo

Bila orang dewasa menjadi Kanak-kanak!

The first view! Muka terharu kan? Apesalla Mr N share gambar ni je dlm google+ die.. hehehe.. so we made a quick stop after saw the snow mountain

Dah sampai Lake tekapo. it's a small church with nice view behind.

nah belanje satu lagi gambar Lake tekapo! cantikkan! SubhanaAllah. nak dapat pahala cakap subhanaALlah selalu ye.  This is  a place to do stargazing and aurora watching..but aurora watching ikut nasib tau.. 

Our next stop at :
HIgh country Salmon. To all salmon lovers!? Please stop.. sedap giler.. so freshhh and juicy! Kat sini boleh tengok salmon, feed them for free! nice view, nice whether.. can see mt cook from here, best kan. very relaxing..

And yes! we bought a salmon, the whole salmon weighted around 3kg! hahaha.. ni la rupa beso ikannya!If I not mistaken, it cost us 49nzd. 

kene siang dan bersihkan sendiri.. Kalau beli fillet pun boleh tapi lagi mahal! This one we cooked 3 times! lupe nak bagitahu. ada fridge dalam campervan ye . 

ni la hasilnya.. TADA!! salmon soup. sambal ikan bilis! and nasi and kicap kipas udang!  Purposely besarkan gambar ni . hehhehehehehe

So thats sum up all for 2nd day..Once arrived at Lake wanaka terus masak etc.. Basically we stopped several time. You can just park your campervan anywhere for non-city area as long as you dont block the road and others can pass by. The view are superb! We mostly stop for coffee, pictures and toilet break . Kami memang hantu kopi! driving a campervan is not difficult at all. My sister yang 20 yrs pun boleh drive. Mind you driving in town, the speed limit is 50km/hr. Its applied for other cars as well. For non-city the speed limit is 100km/hr. The Policeman are everywhere. They're quite strict. Kalau kene saman, bayar on the spot ye. :) Nangis! Alhamdulillah. we dont receive any. Satu lagi, kat sini kalau kite drive slow, please stop and give way. One thing that I observed, people there are very considerate.. extremely nice! So be friendly, you may make new friends along the way :)

Suhu malam tu.. -2 Degrees. But,we slept soundly inside the blanket. Its warm inside and very cool from the outside. We overnight at Lake diamond next to lake Wanaka. Tidur berjirankan snow mountain and beautiful lake.  Alhamdulillah. 

Info for campers: 
Our options that night:
1)Diamond Lake (Wanaka) - Free Overnight ,1x toilet. 
2) Albert Town Camping Ground - nzd 6/pp

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Australia - New Zealand Trip (Part 1) : The Flights & Sydney

Here is how our flight itinerary look like. Our flight ticket is not so cheap because we bought them during non-sales period. Its around 2.2k per person (return). You can get lower than this. Since we wanted to cover different places, we cant go back to the same route. I don't want to go to the same route.
So total flight duration was 18 hours. Additional with kids? like forever haha. See? mengaku ok. bukan la semuanya indah sahaja..but overall journey? PRICELESS. So,... need to focus the end in mind to keep your motivation up :) Then only it works. I cant deny the facts that its not easy to travel with kids, especially baby. So need to do some preparation. Don't forget to bring snacks, toys, books..it helped a lot :) 
KL- Sydney : Airasia (6-7 hours)
Sydney - Christchurch : Jetstar (3 hours)
Auckland - Brisbane : NZ Air (3 hours)
Gold coast - KL : Airasia (6 hours)

About flights. NZ airline was the best! I think its because of the flight attendance, spacious seat and LCD panel :) so you can watch movie and play games throughout the flight. But for any Airline pun, you need to be extra careful on luggage weight ya. follow the rules especially your hand luggage.

Jetstar is almost like Airasia. Nothing much to complaint. you get what you are paying for. For our Jetstart sydney-christchurch journey, mine was ok .Early morning flight to Christchurch had lot of empty seats. Ameera slept throughout the journey.. Alhamdulillah 

Day 1: Sydney

I will let pictures do the most talking! - By sequence ye ...

Departed at night from KLIA2 Airport using Airasia-X

Just Landed at Sydney Airport.. Athirah 8yrs & Ameera 2yrs.. Mak berdebar ! : coz first time bawak si kecik keluar jalan jauh camni

Time for lunch! at "Its Time for Thai" restaurant
https://www.zomato.com/sydney/its-time-for-thai-kingsford. Price wise, around 10aud per plate. Pricey for malaysian.If its help,dont convert! makan je!
Inside the restaurant..nampak tak? lama tenung menu tu. haha tapi portion die besa la.. dasar cheapstake kahkah.. tak sempat nak masak masa tu..nak cover sydney kan..
Sydney opera House : Checked!
with Merpati at Circular Quay. Waktu ni ada orang show - acrobatic scene. Its a nice walk and I love the weather! 
we headed to Guylian belgian choc cafe. Tried their coffee & chocolate.  sedap! coffee around 3aud. Their chocolate was extremely nice!. highly recommended.. tade gambar je :) http://www.guyliancafe.com.au/

Almost maghrib, we went to harbourside. Watched the firework at Darling harbour (Gambar ehsan Google je).  Sangat best melampau sampai lupa ambil gambar ! A must do! It happens on every saturday. Lucky for us as we were there on Saturday.. Check out their website http://www.darlingharbour.com/whats-on/fireworks
At Harbourside Hardrock Cafe. I'm not  a hardrock fan but I planned to buy a t-shirt but unfortunately no size available. 
Bought some souvenirs and food! for tomorrow preparation
to NZ! I cooked nasi goreng :P

Image: Google. Market City Day time
wooohoooot Anyway kat sini souviners die murah sangat as compare to melbourne or brisbane. Talked to Malaysian students and few friends, here is the australia most cheapest souviners. So belila banyak2 ye. nak repeat balik memang tak la. 

Oh lupe nak cerita, we went to sydney mosque as well to perform our solat maghrib and Isyak. Alhamdulillah. Actually memang dah pasang niat nak singgah mana-mana rumah Allah sepanjang perjalanan kami.. Can use this one to find mosque around oz : http://mosque-finder.com.au/directory/

I think that's why for the 1st day, TQ to Obam for all the arrangement.. TQVM ye.. semoga murah rezeki awak dan success dunia wal akhirah.. Obam ni student kat sana, kawan dila. dia ada buat services tourguide with transport. So Kalau readers ada yang nak guna his service, please pm me then i'll direct you to him eh :) Selama dia masih belajar di sana lah kan..

So next entry....? Christchurch and Lake tekapo. InsyaAllah..

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Post : Introduction to trip all around the world (not even quarter :p)


I’ve been to few countries last few years. Plan to update some or hopefully all so that it can be a reference to friends who plan to go there.  As well as something that me and my trip buddies can kept as memories . Its easy way to take a 'scroll' down the memory lane. ha ha ha. Hopefully after that, it will spark our travel mood and “Heyy.. Lets go somewhere!  :P”.. My style more like cheapskate kind :p so it doesn’t mean I have filthy amount of money in my bank. If Airasia can use the motto “now anyone can fly” mine is “if I can, you can too!” haha.

Will do the kickstart with the recent big trip which is New Zealand ( Sep 2014), then Bandung,Umrah ( Nov-Dec 2013), Melbourne( June 2012). UK-Europe trip, Singapore (March, Dec 2012), Kota kinabalu?, (2011).  In my next wish list is the city of two continents,most historical place for Islamic civilization – Turkey. So far, no trip plan for 2015… I don’t think we will due to many additional commitments this year. Need to structure back my financial. Hopefully something big on 2016? :P

So, Let’s start with some teaser shall we?

USS, Singapore 2012
Sydney 2014
Lake Tekapo, New zealand 2014

Germany 2012
Amsterdam 2012

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Let start over .. shall we?

It's been a while. exactly 4 years.. my last entry was Dec 2011?.. . and I'm still alive. SubhanaAllah

There are so many thing that I should be grateful to...My life, My health, my family, my husband, my girls, my friends.. having them. Make me feel more alive. Quote " More reason for me to live?" subhanaAllah .That should NOT be the reason or factor for a human to live..I mean, for me to live? As a muslim.. we should be worshiped only to Allah. Only to him. whatever we do, not to please other people .. only to please HIM. If only all human think like that, earth will be a better place to live right? but Allah have a better plan. Allah creates earth, human with good and bad to test us. life is a test. Allah keeps on reminding us in Quran, about how temporary life is. don't fall for it. Only the after life is permanent. Do whatever you want to do now for your akhirat. to build our beautiful castle in Jannah. Wuargh.. that would be too heavy to start a blog right? maybe i should save it for later :)

To start with.. 
I want to say,  Thank you Allah for everything that I have today.. thing that i've learnt.. my skills. ability.. communication skills, my achievements..  (even maybe not much to be proud of :) )... it just.. all of them has made me.. Me! who I am today.  all of them are from HIM. HIM alone. Hope Allah will not make me forget that. Even in minutes.. Even in seconds. 

I remembered a doa from Dr Maza's book. I'm not sure which one.. but maybe later i can update 

"Ya Allah, janganlah kau biarkan aku untuk menguruskan diriku sendiri, walau dengan sekelip mata"... 

if i not mistaken, doa nabi musa... selepas di kejar firaun.. true enough. kalau manusia yang menguruskan dirinya sendiri tentu hasilnya tidak sempurna, mengikut nafsu.. sifat manusia. lemah serba serbinya. Mohon sangat DIA membantuku dalam tiap langkahku. kata-kataku. walaupun merasa masih banyak kekurangan.. hubungan ku dengan PenciptakU ya Rabb masih rapuh.. 

another powerful doa is.. kisah nabi sulaiman & semut.. google jap tadi.. here: http://malaysianreview.com/30373/kisah-nabi-sulaiman-maksud-doa-semut-dalam-al-quran/

(Maralah angkatan itu) hingga apabila mereka sampai ke “Waadin-Naml”, berkatalah seekor semut: “Wahai sekalian semut, masuklah ke sarang kamu masing-masing, jangan Sulaiman dan tenteranya memijak serta membinasakan kamu, sedang mereka tidak menyedari”.
Maka tersenyumlah Nabi Sulaiman mendengar kata-kata semut itu, dan berdoa dengan berkata:” Wahai Tuhanku, ilhamkanlah daku supaya tetap bersyukur akan nikmatMu yang Engkau kurniakan kepadaku dan kepada ibu bapaku, dan supaya aku tetap mengerjakan amal soleh yang Engkau redai; dan masukkanlah daku – dengan limpah rahmatMu – dalam kumpulan hamba-hambaMu yang soleh”.
best kan? Nabi Allah Sulaiman... yang kaya, berkuasa, bijak.. berkebolehan. raja atas segala makhluk dunia .. tidak pernah lupakan Allah. sedangkan kita? sedeh sangat rasanya. sebab tahu kekurangan diri.. 
ya Allah.. yang maha berkuasa, bantulah kami untuk menjadi hambamu yang mencintaimu dan dicintai.. jadikan kami hambamu yang sentiasa bersyukur atas apapun kehendakMU.. Moga-moga dunia ini tidak akan menyesatkan kami dalam meraih cintaMu.a

Ok now, I need to do some clean up.. left only most important/relevant? I should start to define the meaning of relevant?