Saturday, September 19, 2015

Post : Introduction to trip all around the world (not even quarter :p)


I’ve been to few countries last few years. Plan to update some or hopefully all so that it can be a reference to friends who plan to go there.  As well as something that me and my trip buddies can kept as memories . Its easy way to take a 'scroll' down the memory lane. ha ha ha. Hopefully after that, it will spark our travel mood and “Heyy.. Lets go somewhere!  :P”.. My style more like cheapskate kind :p so it doesn’t mean I have filthy amount of money in my bank. If Airasia can use the motto “now anyone can fly” mine is “if I can, you can too!” haha.

Will do the kickstart with the recent big trip which is New Zealand ( Sep 2014), then Bandung,Umrah ( Nov-Dec 2013), Melbourne( June 2012). UK-Europe trip, Singapore (March, Dec 2012), Kota kinabalu?, (2011).  In my next wish list is the city of two continents,most historical place for Islamic civilization – Turkey. So far, no trip plan for 2015… I don’t think we will due to many additional commitments this year. Need to structure back my financial. Hopefully something big on 2016? :P

So, Let’s start with some teaser shall we?

USS, Singapore 2012
Sydney 2014
Lake Tekapo, New zealand 2014

Germany 2012
Amsterdam 2012

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