Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Australia - New Zealand (Part 3) : Wanaka to Queenstown

Day 4: Lake Wanaka to Queenstown

Wake up the next day with this view. We are so lucky with the beautiful weather that morning. mirror lake and icy mountain...
This is Lake Wanaka.

Cooked with the Lake and snow mountain view. Brunch menu Nasi Lemak :P. Sedap & Cepat!.

Our next stop:
Puzzling World, Wanaka. Lots of games : Its fun and very educational as well.

Yang atas ni free.

Its a Maze. Basically, the game is you have to find the huts in sequence and find the way out :)

Dila?? Buat ape ni.. Mak marah nanti? 

us..inside the puzzling world 

This one too...Illusion room. Smaller kids will look bigger. bigger guy will look smaller.

and this one too...tempat ni memang senget. They around with gravity make it looks ok. but physically we need to put effort to climb up!

 Still outside the puzzling world.. lama juga di sini.. around 2hours++

Distance from Wanaka to Queenstown is very near. Its around 1.5 hrs only. After Puzzling world we headed to Queenstown through cromwell route. Actually there was  2 route. Cromwell is a bit far, since we are not rushing and we would like to see more!

The view on the way..

We stopped here too..
Cromwell. Small town.. Cromwell famous for the fruit ice cream. There is fruit shop after cromwell town. around 5 mins from Cromwell. You'll see it. The apple is so juicy! love it!

Ameera.. She just woke up!  Layan die kejap.. 

Here is our place for tonight. We slept at Shotover Top 10 Holiday Park. 

Our Dinner : Curry salmon , Rice , Telur dadar and Salad. Yummie! Alhamdulillah..curry paste from Malaysia :) On every top 10 holiday park, We took bath and do laundry. Please jangan kira  berape kali kami mandi? :P

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