Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Australia- New Zealand (Part 4) : Around Queenstown

Day 5: Around Queenstown

Early morning after breakfast and clean up everything. we packed our things and ready to gio. so the first visit to Skyline Gondola Queenstown. View at the back is the famous Lake Wakatipu...

Max 4 persons per gondola.. so split lah :)
At the top of Skyline hills. had lots of activities. Things that we did.. Luge! "One that never enough" Kids and adult enjoyed it very much! boleh beli banyak2.. and share amongts us. ada package gondola+luge. mine was 111nzd for 6 with 10 luge session. Baby pun boleh join. Mummy pegang

To the location. put up gears and all..

Ready.. up we go...

Ni first session.. mcm sure x sure.. after that semua nak bawak laju2. hehehhehe.. its like riding a go cart but better! from turun ke bawah bukitt... sampai bawah naik lagi guna clift tu.. turun lagi hehehe. so like their motto "one that never enough"

Pastu tukar2.. Norman plak ride with Ameera. Me with Iman.. Tu iman ckp best!

Dah penat.. w had quick meal at nearby cafe while Dilah para glided with handsome guy? hehehe. 
Paragliding cost her around 99nzd if I not mistaken.

Next is.. Kawarau Bridge..
cuba teka nak buat ape???

ha yelah ni.. aku tak berani! hahhahahahhahahha.

we did zipride as well.. ni package with bungy so around 20nzd for 4 of us! murahla. 

Then after a long day.. break for meal here.

 So basically, if we break for meal. we'll find place with. good view! While mummy masak .. kids main kat luar. masak pun yang senang2 je lah!

contoh.. egg sandwich with cheese! :P

so dah kenyang?! ape lagi ye...
Queenstown at night.. Night walk around the city. Buy souvenirs and eat fruit ice-cream!!Most cheapest souvenirs sell here! beli je la banyak2.. memang dah survey. menyesal korang x beli kat sini..
DF souviners   32 Mall St, Queenstown 9310, New Zealand 

So dah penat.. we need to find place to sleep.. here we go..we slept at 12  delta miles (Twelve mile Delta Latitude: -45.06744151, Longitude: 168.54651706). Its a location for LOTR flim shooting! ada toilet n nice view... masak makan.. tido! Tomorrow will be along journey... 

Bayar kat dalam box je.

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