Saturday, October 3, 2015

Australia- New Zealand (Part 5) : Te Anau Glowworm

Day 5: From Queenstown to Mildford Sound.

We started off our day early in the morning.  Kids were still at their bed. Filled up fuel (cost us around NZD 93.23) fulltank at one of the pump station at Queenstown. For today journey, we were heading to Milford Sound and make a stop Te Anau for glowworm cave activity.

According to google maps = 4 hrs but it wont works that way. Just plus 1/2 hrs. Depending on how many stop you make. Ours around 4 stops.

Our First stop at Kingston (refer love sign on the map above). Kids just woke up. So, we decided to stop for a light breakfast. What I love most about NZ is about their tourist friendliness. Every pit stop will always have  toilet and playground. We used "Might NZ road trop" app to find place to stop. Please download them while you still in Malaysia and plan your trip ahead. Those who plan to do campervan, it's a MUST to have. As it will advice you where is the next dump stations, toilet and campsite. Campsite ada yang free and ada yang paid. for paid, normally with minimum charge. To help them maintenance all the facilities. The choice is yours!

Table and chairs are inclusive in campervan package.

2nd Stop at Braken Hall, Mossbourn. Braken hall is small shop selling souviners, coffee, pie and ice cream. Its very nice and cozy. The owner is very friendly too. Its a good place for quick stop or longer! relax minum kopi and baca magazine ke.. The fuel price at that town is the cheapest! and I forgot to mention, fuel price is differs from town to town. or from one pump station to another. kadang-kadang selang pump station pun price dia berbeza. Anyway, we are a fanatic coffee lover. almost every stop/pump station. kami mesti cari coffee..:) cost us around nzd 4.

Braken Hall. Juicy Ice cream!! 

The 3rd Stop (3 hours): 
Te Anau for glow worm cave trip. After 3hours ++ of driving. we arrived at Te Anau. We bought rice (beras) from the nearby convenience shop. Just like 7eleven here in malaysia. Its around 2 NZD per kg. So, my advice don't bother to bring all rices etc caused you can just buy them later. save hassle on luggage etc. easy peasy!

Kids having fun while mummy cooks.

We bought glow worm's ticket from real journey. You can buy your ticket at the counter once you reach at Te Anau. They will have few trips in a day so you have check their schedule first. we called them before we departed from Queenstown. 

Trip to the Te Anau Glow worm caves began with a cruise to the lake Te Anau - scenic cruise vessels. After reached at cave entrance, they will explained about this wonders before we went in. While inside, the explanation will be a little bit limited due to sound of the waterfall. 

The playground activity was after glow worm . I put it here because of the pic size(:p)- gambar dia menegak kan.

We unable to take pictures inside the glow worm cave as according to our guided tour, that will scare the glow worm and it will stop them from producing these amazing lights. so these pictures are courtesy of google :) Personally, I think this experience was amazing and I really recommend this! A must do! price wise. standard rate for all nz entry. 

So next stop?.. we going to Milford Sound.. The view on the way.. masa ni dah start hujan menitik2.lama-lama lebat... actually, what we did - kami memang tgk weather forecast everyday since our trip was during early spring. Change of season. so rain is expected. 

The journey to Milford was rainy and hazy. Driver need to be extra careful while driving. Milford Sound is a fiord in South west of New Zealand. Its within Fiordland National Park. Kids slept on the way.
tapi lepas je terowong tu... all of them awake n cranky especially ameera. Memang mencabar. We reached there at 7 pm ++ . Day was getting dark. Overnight at Milford LodgeAhamdullillah. Penat but happy!. Dinner pun x sempat snap. Kalau tak silap, makan pasta lagi. with salmon of course. kids makan sebanyak2nya sebab lapar! but we did used the kitchen facilities inside the campsite. Anyway, its paid campsite ya. Anyway, we do laundary here. Baju basuh, dryer etc. so settle. Baju pun dah wangi kembali. After shower/ dinner and Solat.. All of us went to sleep without making any sounds. Alhamdulilah.. 

and Tomorrow, another big journey awaits!!


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