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Australia - New Zealand Trip (Part 1) : The Flights & Sydney

Here is how our flight itinerary look like. Our flight ticket is not so cheap because we bought them during non-sales period. Its around 2.2k per person (return). You can get lower than this. Since we wanted to cover different places, we cant go back to the same route. I don't want to go to the same route.
So total flight duration was 18 hours. Additional with kids? like forever haha. See? mengaku ok. bukan la semuanya indah sahaja..but overall journey? PRICELESS. So,... need to focus the end in mind to keep your motivation up :) Then only it works. I cant deny the facts that its not easy to travel with kids, especially baby. So need to do some preparation. Don't forget to bring snacks, toys, helped a lot :) 
KL- Sydney : Airasia (6-7 hours)
Sydney - Christchurch : Jetstar (3 hours)
Auckland - Brisbane : NZ Air (3 hours)
Gold coast - KL : Airasia (6 hours)

About flights. NZ airline was the best! I think its because of the flight attendance, spacious seat and LCD panel :) so you can watch movie and play games throughout the flight. But for any Airline pun, you need to be extra careful on luggage weight ya. follow the rules especially your hand luggage.

Jetstar is almost like Airasia. Nothing much to complaint. you get what you are paying for. For our Jetstart sydney-christchurch journey, mine was ok .Early morning flight to Christchurch had lot of empty seats. Ameera slept throughout the journey.. Alhamdulillah 

Day 1: Sydney

I will let pictures do the most talking! - By sequence ye ...

Departed at night from KLIA2 Airport using Airasia-X

Just Landed at Sydney Airport.. Athirah 8yrs & Ameera 2yrs.. Mak berdebar ! : coz first time bawak si kecik keluar jalan jauh camni

Time for lunch! at "Its Time for Thai" restaurant Price wise, around 10aud per plate. Pricey for malaysian.If its help,dont convert! makan je!
Inside the restaurant..nampak tak? lama tenung menu tu. haha tapi portion die besa la.. dasar cheapstake kahkah.. tak sempat nak masak masa tu..nak cover sydney kan..
Sydney opera House : Checked!
with Merpati at Circular Quay. Waktu ni ada orang show - acrobatic scene. Its a nice walk and I love the weather! 
we headed to Guylian belgian choc cafe. Tried their coffee & chocolate.  sedap! coffee around 3aud. Their chocolate was extremely nice!. highly recommended.. tade gambar je :)

Almost maghrib, we went to harbourside. Watched the firework at Darling harbour (Gambar ehsan Google je).  Sangat best melampau sampai lupa ambil gambar ! A must do! It happens on every saturday. Lucky for us as we were there on Saturday.. Check out their website
At Harbourside Hardrock Cafe. I'm not  a hardrock fan but I planned to buy a t-shirt but unfortunately no size available. 
Bought some souvenirs and food! for tomorrow preparation
to NZ! I cooked nasi goreng :P

Image: Google. Market City Day time
wooohoooot Anyway kat sini souviners die murah sangat as compare to melbourne or brisbane. Talked to Malaysian students and few friends, here is the australia most cheapest souviners. So belila banyak2 ye. nak repeat balik memang tak la. 

Oh lupe nak cerita, we went to sydney mosque as well to perform our solat maghrib and Isyak. Alhamdulillah. Actually memang dah pasang niat nak singgah mana-mana rumah Allah sepanjang perjalanan kami.. Can use this one to find mosque around oz :

I think that's why for the 1st day, TQ to Obam for all the arrangement.. TQVM ye.. semoga murah rezeki awak dan success dunia wal akhirah.. Obam ni student kat sana, kawan dila. dia ada buat services tourguide with transport. So Kalau readers ada yang nak guna his service, please pm me then i'll direct you to him eh :) Selama dia masih belajar di sana lah kan..

So next entry....? Christchurch and Lake tekapo. InsyaAllah..

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