Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How do you show love for your child?

Interesting article from the web. I'm not sure the link but I really think that it will benefits you. InsyAllah.

As a parent, you no doubt can come up with plenty of answers on your own. You make a special lunch, read a favorite bedtime story, take off work when your child is sick and so on.

Take a minute to see how your answers match up with the list below of American Academy of Pediatrics' top 10 ways to show love for a child.

Remember, happiness is key to a child's health.

  1. Before your child is born, don't take drugs and alcohol and don't smoke tobacco. * so far Alhamdulillah
  2. Set aside time for reading to your children, even as babies. They love the sound of your voice, and children of all ages benefit from a love of reading. * I do this almost everyday
  3. Talk with your pediatrician to make sure your child's health records are up-to-date and all vaccinations are done. Keep a copy of health records at home. * I hope I have it but so far , we keep track on the compulsory vaccinations.
  4. Check your home for possible dangers and remove them. Be sure medicines, cleaning supplies, sharp objects and other potential hazards are locked up and out of reach. Keep small objects away from children 3 years old and younger to prevent choking. Ask local officials if your home or water supply should be tested for lead. * We do this as and when we realise it as danger.
  5. Provide safe transportation. Put infants and children younger than 12 in the back seat of the car, not the front seat, particularly if there is an air bag. Be sure your child's safety seat is installed properly and that it is appropriate for height and weight. Insist that your child buckles up just like you. * Its very hard to do this but we are trying .. really
  6. Observe carefully and ask questions of your child's caregivers to be sure the care setting is safe (including transportation), healthy and developmentally appropriate. Make a note to get involved in community efforts promoting child safety. * Ok
  7. Use plenty of positive words. Encourage your child with phrases such as "You can do it!" and "You're such a big boy!" Nurture self-esteem and self-confidence by praising a job well-done and show interest in what your child is saying. * Always
  8. Each day, renew your efforts to monitor your child's activities and provide structure to the day. Limit the kind and amount of television your child watches. Have meals at predictable times, and insist on a regular bedtime and homework time. To help your child learn to respect the body, set aside time to join your child in a physical activity and offset gifts of candy with healthy treats. * we are trying our best, we are not perfect really. right now, we are trying to bring her to playground every evening when whether permit of course .
  9. Make an extra effort to set a good example at home and in public with words like "I'm sorry," "please," and "thank you." When you become frustrated and angry with your child, avoid name-calling or hurtful words. Avoid unwanted tension by giving young children as much extra time as you can for transitions. * we do this ,alhamdulilah. tapi kadang2 lupa jugak :)
  10. Give your child a hug. Or a cuddle, pat or whatever gesture of affection your child favors. Try this when your child is angry, argumentative or in a bad mood. And don't forget to say, "I love you. * masa dia tengah marah belum pernah buat lagi la.. he he. x layan lagi ade.. he he.. we do this as and when lah ...

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