Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Raya Cookies 2011


to all muslim friends,

I know its very very late. Today is 21st of Syawal and yet I choose to update about my home made hari raya cookies. but Sorry I need to do this before it officially ran out! lets cuci mata...

p/s: Thanks to my bibik for went back for 2 weeks cuti raya and forcing to do the same (applied 5 days annual leave on top of my official cuti raya given by my co.).

Popiah nestum
mama carries
cornflakes meringue
choc chip cookies


taniafiza said...

yeay! congrats to us for making kuih rayas ourselves this year! hehehe

soraya.nasir said...

since ade reader aku blog betul2 la lps ni.. haha.. but i love my choc chip cookies n conflakes meringue the most (kali ni memang sedap punye lahh..)